My name is Kate and my passion is creativity whether it’s architecture, art, design, or photography. I want to travel the world & experience as much food and culture as possible to enhance myself and my work. I graduated with a Masters of Architecture from Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning. In school I was fortunate enough to work with outstanding professors who have given me a wide body of knowledge from green design all the way to designing for dignity.


Since graduating, I’ve worked with my creative project advisor Wes Janz, a fellow student Rebecca Staley and a socially active architect in Missouri, Charmalee Gunaratne, to discover how thrown out couches may be a resource for the homeless population. Follow our progress blog at ecoabet.org

As a Graduate Architect/Project Manager in a small town I’m looking to eventually expand my work experience in a bigger city with a wider range of design opportunities more in tune with the types of design for which I am passionate.

I am currently working to attain my Intern Development Program credits through NCARB as well as preparing for the ARE. In my free time I work with Habitat for Humanity and dabble in all things creative including launching my own business in photography and graphic design with my best friend.I am eager to take on challenging design projects and assist clients by providing them the projects they envision. Take a look at my work and if you like what you see, my contact information is under the resume section.

Thanks for stopping by!


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